minako_ichigo (minako_ichigo) wrote,

Want to buy a lot of stuff

Hey Lolitas!

I'm looking for a lot of things!!! I hope you can help me
Here is my feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/509696.html

AP Memorial Cake Bonnet in sax

I need some socks in sax and some in pink, here some examples I like:

Some wristcuffs, for example these:

I need a cute AP Bag, too! For example this ones:
I really need the little Birds Symphonia bag in ivory!

Then I need a blouse in sax! For example this one, short sleeve or long sleeve
It must fit in a 100cm bust!

And at last I need a Bolero in pink and blue, too^^
It must fit in a 100cm bust, can be offbrand or other brand!

~Thank you very much~

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